Marketing Activities


GatewayScandinavia assists  your organization to market your brand at top international universities, foremost Ivy League Universities, through different marketing activities. By providing both short and long term visibility we help your company get recognition as well as reputation among international high performing students.

Employer Information  Session

GatewayScandinavia hosts  information sessions for students who have  an interest in getting to know more  about your company, available internship/trainee/employment opportunities, what it is like to work in Scandinavia, etc. The purpose is to give students new insights about available opportunities at your corporation.

Job and Internship  postings

GatewayScandinavia will  post your opportunities on different online  systems, such as the universities own  online recruiting systems as well as on GatewayScandinavias webpage. Your postings will be accessible daily to current undergraduates, graduates as well as alumnis.

Career Fairs

GatewayScandinavia will  attend different career fairs at the different  universities throughout the year. Attending  these fairs is a great way to build  relationships with potential candidates that  suits your company’s needs as well as  making your organization visible in front  of top international students as well  as your competitors.

Student organizations/clubs  contacts

Each university has  different student groups/clubs. By making contacts  with student clubs GatewayScandinavia highlight your organization to specially targeted students. This activity can serve as a valuable resource to increase visibility on campus.


GatewayScandinavia brand  your organization on our webpage, distribute  flyers as well as post posters on  the different universities’ respective campuses and increase your visibility as well as  providing information about where and when  to meet us. Furthermore Gateway Scandinavia  may brand your organization through some  highly unique networks.