Admission Statistics

To get admission to an Ivy-League University is highly competitive and selective. The admission is holistic and the admissions officers are looking for students who will bring more than good grades and standardized test scores to their respective campuses.

Application requirements include:

  • Strong academic records;
  • Strong extracurricular activities;
  • Good letters of recommendations;
  • Strong personal statements and winning essays;
  • Knowledge in foreign languages;
  • High scores on Standardized Assessment Tests (SAT);
  • Radiating desired personality traits on interviews (selected students are interviewed).

The competitiveness of the Ivy-League schools is exemplified by the toughness of their admissions policies;

Admission Statistics, class of 2016:

Ivy-League University Total number of applicants; Total number of acceptant applicants; Total acceptance rate;
Brown University 28,742 2,760 9.6%
Columbia University 31,818 2,363 7.4%
Cornell University 37,812 6,123 16.2%
Dartmouth University 23,110 2,180 9.4%
Harvard University 34,285 2,032 5.9%
Princeton University 31,216 3,846 12.3%
University of Pennsylvania 26,664 2,095 7.9%
Yale University 28,974 1,974 6.8%