About Us


Cecilia Värendh, currently a senior at Columbia University including one exchange year at Oxford University, founded GatewayScandinavia in the spring of 2011. Cecilia majors in Economics and Mathematics and she started the organization after looking for internships and job opportunities in Scandinavia for friends.

Our own experiences and expertise from IVY-League Universities together with Cecilia’s unique networks in combination with skilled HR professionals help talented students get in contact with international Scandinavian corporations.


To be the channel between Scandinavian corporations looking for top talents from top international universities in order to increase their competitiveness.

To be the leading door-opener to top international students wishing a career at a Scandinavian company for a summer or longer.


Integrity, respect for the individual, responsibility to our clients as well as our candidates, and an aim of contributing to the competitiveness of the Scandinavian region are of our main core commitments.

These values and commitments are equally important when working with students as well as with corporations.